4 ways to improve your content marketing

Marketing has been evolving ever since the concept of commerce was invented. From people hollering at their fruit stands to elaborate skywriting, methods to catch people’s attention have consistently improved. In our digital era, there are many platforms that content marketing agencies utilise to reach out to their audience.

From videos to online articles, here are some of the mistakes that people make, and some of the ways to improve on them:


Mistakes in video content 

Video Quality

Some companies compromise on video quality due to various reasons; budget constraints, subpar equipment, or simply a lack of professionalism. 

However, poor video quality may result in a lack of credibility. 

Remember – your audience don’t care about your financial situation, only what benefit they can get out of your videos.

Clickbait Titles

Clickbait titles may work well when you’re trying to get short-term clicks, but if your content doesn’t live up to the hype, your viewers might feel betrayed. 

This may result in them subconsciously rejecting any content you put out in the future. 

Clickbait titles are the reason why the content marketing industry uses the term ‘Buzzfeed’ as an insult.

Lacking Subtitles

Some viewers may have their videos muted, or have difficulty understanding accents. In such situations, subtitles would go a long way in helping them to understand your video better.

How can you improve your videos? 

Keep it short

Know the optimal duration of videos across various channels. 

For fast-scrolling apps like Twitter and Instagram, the ideal length of videos are around 30 seconds and 45 seconds respectively. 

For Facebook and YouTube, videos can be extended to 1 minute and 2 minutes respectively. 

If you’re thinking of making money off YouTube exclusively, the sweet spot for advertisements and sponsors is approximately ten minutes. 

Social media on its own is not the most lucrative business to be in. This is why several digital marketing agencies in Singapore have used social media as a tool to market interesting content instead, and draw leads back to their own websites.  

Ensure optimal video quality

Hire an in-house videographer and editor to ensure your videos are of the best possible quality. If your company just wants to film the occasional video, some freelancers can produce decent video content at fairly affordable fees. 

While video marketing can help to increase your organic reach, you can consider dropping it if your budget is tight. Compromising on your content marketing channels is safer than to risk your company’s credibility.


Mistakes in blog content

Language comprehensiveness

Blog articles are written to be readable by the common man. If your article requires a PhD in Literature and a thesaurus to understand, even the most compelling topic won’t capture their attention. 

Tone of voice

Without a prominent tone of voice, you won’t be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors. It’s so important that companies such as Burger King and Wendy’s place vital focus on their brand voices as a means of standing out on social media.

How can you improve your blog?

Increase readability

One way to do this is to use simple and concise words. For example, jargon can be replaced with phrases that convey a similar meaning. 

Another way is to read your writing out loud. If you have problems digesting what you’ve written, then you probably need to reduce the complexity of your content. 

Learn to use SEO keywords  

Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) keywords can improve the search ranking and findability of your content. Programs such as Google Ads or Wordtracker Scout can help you to source for the most commonly used keywords.

Social media 

Mistakes in social media content

Unengaging posts

Social media is used as a way of reaching out to consumers, but it’s important to give your consumers a way of reaching back out to you. Your posts should encourage your readers to either “like”, “comment”, or “share” them – otherwise it’s just you shouting into the void.

Irregular updates

People use social media almost every day. If your company doesn’t update social media on a regular basis, it will result in a decreased organic reach

How can you improve your social media content?

Uploading at optimal timings

Some people check Facebook as if it were their morning newspaper. Others may use Instagram during lunch, or after work. 

Different platforms have different optimal timings to reach the most audience, and capitalising on these timings can help to drastically increase your organic reach. 

For example, the best times to post on Twitter is on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am
On the other hand, Instagram receives the most engagement on Fridays from 10 to 11am.

You can also increase your social media outreach by creating relevant and unique hashtags for your brand. 

Searching up #fashion on Instagram pulls up over 700 million tagged posts – which means that if you’re a fashion company using this hashtag, you’ll probably not get found. Instead, most content marketing agencies use their own unique hashtag, such as  #LOrealParis. 

This can help your audience to narrow down their search results. 


Mistakes in infographic content

Visual clutter

Keep in mind that infographics are meant to enhance your reading experience. Infographics with excessive written content or complicated icons will hamper its own readability.  

Excessive use of infographics

Take advantage of infographics, but don’t overuse them. Infographics are handy for compressing data-heavy articles and long lists, but it can get taxing when they keep breaking up your reading experience.

How can you improve your infographics?

Understanding design

Learning the basic elements of design can help you create simple infographics. You can also read up on how certain visuals may affect the way your audience feel, think, and act. 

Find useful tools

The Noun Project offers free and useable icons to create your own infographics.

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