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Ads are everywhere

Run a quick Google search on the number of ads that the average person sees in a day. If a four-digit number appears, don’t be shocked.

In this digital era, we’ve subconsciously begun to filter out advertisements that don’t suit our purposes. Still, there must be one or two advertisements that catch your eye, right? 

Can’t you just make a better advertisement in the same vein as that one?

Even simple infographic advertisements aren’t simple nor cheap. You have to ideate a concept, decide on your direction, craft a tone guide, and then actually develop the content for the advertisement.

That’s not including adapting it to fit its medium, tracking its progress to determine how well it’s performing, and whether or not you just sunk $10,000 into a fruitless pursuit.

It’s why advertising companies charge such exorbitant prices, and work such long hours. You’re paying for a creativity that specialises in drawing attention to itself, and in a good way.

That last bit is important. It’s the difference between making a fool of yourself and being the life of the party.

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