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Money can buy you a lot of things. Even with only a hundred dollars, the combination of items that you can buy is almost immeasurable. As your budget goes up, that number increases to even crazier amounts.

But you don’t want to buy every possible thing. You’re looking for something that would get people to choose your product, to spend all of their hundred dollars on your company. You want catchy content – but with dozens of content marketing channels available, it’s a bit difficult to decide on where to showcase your stuff.

There are some tried-and-true channels that have been tested by content marketing agencies who have been kind enough to impart their knowledge to everyone else. Even then, there are just so, so many marketing channels, and just as many ways that you can get marketing information. 

Content marketing isn’t cheap; SEO consultations alone can cost a hefty price. We understand the frustration of having to pay for advice, only for it to be misaligned with your own expectations – and that’s why we’ve made our consultations completely free of charge.

We’ve done some research, and compiled a list of content marketing channels that you ought to invest your time in.

Which channels should you focus on?

Your website

A lot of effort goes into building your website. Be proud of it.

A lot of effort goes into building your website. Be proud of it.

Most businesses don’t think of their website as a marketing channel, but it is the most important channel of all. It’s the last stop any customer will make before deciding to engage your products or services.

To use an analogy, picture this: you’re on a date with the girl of your dreams. Everything is going well. Conversation is flowing as smoothly as the wine, and she doesn’t shy away from the accidental brush of your legs – in fact, her smile seems to turn into a grin the more it happens. 

After your date, she tells you she’s tired, and wants you to send her home. But not to her home.

Your heart pounds. You weren’t prepared for this at all. Trepidatiously, you lead her to your car. This time, it’s her who’s making the advances. 

You’re finally standing in front of your house, fumbling for your keys.

You open the door and a fetid stench wafts out, almost visible in its density. Past the living room, old pizza boxes are lying on the floor, mopping up spilled soda, and a procession of ants are paying homage to their new god of harvest.

She tells you something happened at home without even looking at her phone, and hurries away. You tell her to call you when she gets home. You never get that call.

No matter how great your advertisements are, any good content marketing agency will tell you that your website will always be the place that your customers go to before making a purchase. It has to make a good first impression, be easy to navigate, and represent what your brand it all about.

To determine if your website is performing up to your expectations, you can use a variety of tracking tools to see which areas are lacking. Links not getting enough clicks may warrant a revisit, and if your site isn’t drawing enough traffic, it might be time to utilise SEO to draw more organic visitors.

Email Marketing

Gone are the days of painful, door-to-door advertisements. With the invention of email, you can now reach a degree of direct marketing bordering on intimacy. 

By getting customers to sign up for your newsletters, you can be sure that they are receptive to your updates. For this, it is important that your email is short, sweet, and concise, with a title that draws the reader’s attention.

With all the mail your audience gets, it’s important for yours to stick out.

With all the mail your audience gets, it’s important for yours to stick out.

Your email also should include graphics – although that probably went without saying. In the same vein, limit the copy on the picture. Pictures shouldn’t be too cluttered; think of an Apple advertisement, or an Ikea catalogue.

Finally, give them a way to return to your website. A shiny call-to-action button should sit at the bottom of your email, allowing the reader to respond before your advertisement leaves their memories.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is an indispensable tool when it comes to getting your company in the eyes of the public. There are two names that are widely regarded as the dominating forces in the world of content marketing: Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads.

Be warned, however – these two platforms have quite the steep learning curve. It’s so notoriously difficult and fiddly that the average content marketing agency can sell packages based off PPC alone. PPC requires various testing methods to learn the best type of graphics to use, ideal timings to post, bidding for advertisement slots, allocating a budget to your advertisements… if you’re not experienced, you can easily overspend thousands of dollars and earn nothing in return.

Google Ads displays your advertisements to customers who are looking for similar products. It also targets people who are further down the buying cycle. For example, it might display your products to those who are searching for “authentic leather shoes”, “where to buy leather shoes”, and “shoe polish for leather shoes”. 

Facebook Ads (and its LinkedIn counterpart) allows you to create specific content and market it to specific demographics. This means that you can actually save money by not having a ton of random people click on your advertisement without buying anything. Of course, it can also act as a broadcast to raise awareness for your product/ service. 

The two platforms work in different ways: Google Ads works through demand harvesting, while Facebook Ad generates that demand. It is not uncommon for companies to stagger their advertising budgets between different companies to maximize their outreach.

Content Marketing & SEO

Everyone knows that SEO is important, but how important is it?

By knowing what services you provide and what people are searching for online, you can easily craft content that addresses a specific issue. Of course, SEO has its complications. It’s not easy to figure out what your customers are typing, let alone why they’re typing it. 

Non-evergreen articles also run the risk of falling off the front page after the initial buzz has died down. You may also be required to do frequent checks on your content to determine if it has fallen out of Google’s favour or not.This takes up a lot of time, and can be extremely taxing if you have a lot of articles, but no reliable content team. We would introduce you to one, but there’s still the final content marketing channel to get to:

Social Media

Almost every start-up uses social media as a channel for marketing

Almost every start-up uses social media as a channel for marketing

Social media is the be-all-end-all of content marketing channels. It isn’t accurate to say that companies cannot survive without social media – after all, many established businesses can survive just fine without ever having to resort to Facebook or Instagram. But that’s because they’re already established businesses that can sustain themselves with a loyal customer base.

Social media is relied upon because it acts as far more than a marketing channel. It’s where public relations take place – through mediums such as Twitter and Facebook, companies can interact with their customers on a far more personal level compared to the past. It also serves as a peer-to-peer review channel, with customers able to exchange feedback on the various goods and services they purchase. You can also use social media to do sales – as many multi-level marketing salesmen have done.

If you realized that your company might be lacking something in terms of content marketing, don’t worry – it’s not easy for anyone. That’s why we’re here to help – all you have to do is to reach out to us.

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