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Oats Content Gap Analysis

How will content gap analysis look like

Your content needs to pull its weight

You have a functioning website, but you need more customers and leads. How do you generate more? How do you know what’s the next big topic to cover, or the next big keyword to rank for?

Creating content willy-nilly simply drains time and resources. You want your content to really work, whether it’s by earning leads, helping people, or going viral. 

That’s where a content audit comes in.

How we can help

We’ll not only let you know what people have been searching for. Through a deep content and competitor analysis, we’ll tell you what your competitors have been doing, and how you can do even better. 

You’ll get to apply the best tried-and-tested content marketing practices, helping you to rank high on Google.

Our strategy has always been straightforward – Find the correct keywords, generate ‘thick’ and useful content with a proven framework, leverage social media, and generate guest posts. It’s that simple.

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