About us

Hello, we're Oats.

A Singapore-based SEO and content marketing agency.
We help businesses get seen on Google for everything customers are searching for. 

We started off as just two content writers playing a supportive role to our design team. 

Over time, our content writing began taking a greater role in designing good user experiences. 

We became increasingly aware that content have as much impact as design on a site’s performance. 

We realised that great content, on its own, has the power to affect emotion and drive behaviour.

Now, we play a bigger role in getting companies heard and growing their traffic, undertaking content-centred projects such as content audits, SEO articles, and infographics.

Who we are

We’re a growing team of content writers, strategists, and developers, excited to bring our game to the playing field. 

Fresh and young, we have the grit, energy, and expertise to tackle challenges in every project we do. With every client, we become a part of your brand, working as an extension of your team.

We live and breathe what we do. And we’re never shy of exploring and experimenting with new ways to do things. 

Why Oats?

01. We understand that digital content is a staple in everyday life.

02. We aspire to create engaging and useful content that kickstarts the day, like a delicious bowl of oats.

03. Just like oats, our content can come in many different forms and flavours.