Tone of Voice

Your brand can achieve a lot more with the right tone of voice.

Here’s what a tone of voice can do for your brand.

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What's a tone of voice?

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Tone of voice is how the personality of your brand is expressed through words. 

Big brands out there like Apple and Virgin have their own tone of voice. 

When you read Apple’s material, you feel there’s a distinct “person” speaking those words. 

When you read Virgin’s, you feel the same, except it feels like a different “person” from Apple’s. 

This is because each of these companies have a tone of voice guide.


Tone of voice: A simple example

As an example, a single message can be written in 3 different tones of voice: corporate, concise, and technical.

All say the same thing—just written differently.

Of course, things won’t be as straightforward for your brand. After all, it’s much more sophisticated—with its own people, culture, and values.

A tone of voice guide factors in all this and everything that makes your brand unique. 

It then serves as a blueprint describing your tone of voice, and how to execute it across different platforms.

What's in a tone of voice guide?

Your very own tone of voice guide crafted by us will include the following:

  • Your brand’s tone characteristics & tone story
  • Best practices for each communication platform
  • Style guidelines for each communication platform
  • Content examples specific to your brand
  • Words to use
  • Words to avoid

Why is a tone of voice important for your business?

Here’s how a tone of voice can benefit your brand when executed consistently.

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Stand out from competitors

As a brand competing in a crowded landscape, you want to make an impression. A unique tone of voice sets you apart, making you more recognisable and memorable.

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Build greater trust

Want more consumers to trust your brand? They need to feel familiar with it first. When people perceive a consistent tone of voice across outreach platforms, they feel more familiar with you.

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Better customer engagement

You sound more relatable when you sound human. Having a tone of voice can help you do that so you connect better with people. In turn, they’ll feel more engaged with you.

Drive concrete action

95% of purchase decisions are emotional. A right tone of voice can evoke the desired emotions with your potential customers, influencing them to take action.

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Greater authority

Think about the times you’ve heard an authoritative person speak. Chances are, it’s not just what the person said that was impactful, but how he or she said it.

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Focus on your brand identity

Establishing or re-thinking your brand’s identity? Building a tone of voice can help immensely, as it forces you to drill down to what really defines your brand.

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Outdo your competitors today by having your own tone of voice.