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“I never said he owed me money.”

Put an emphasis on any word in the above sentence and you change the entire meaning significantly. 

While it’s easy to carry out this experiment now, you don’t have the luxury of explaining things to people all the time. Your first impression has to count, and for that, you need to mind your tonality.

When it comes to content writing, a tone of voice is one of the toughest things to decide on. Your proposed tone has to fall in line with your brand’s image – and at the same time, it has to fit the content you’re pushing out, and appeal to your targeted demographic.

One wrong message can completely ruin the image of your business

Writing without any tone in mind is like taking the first bus you see in an attempt to get to your destination. True, you might get lucky on your first try – but in all likelihood, all you’d be doing is wasting time and money.

But learning what tone you should use is difficult, especially if you don’t have a strong brand image.

Fortunately, good content doesn’t necessitate a brand image – your tone just has to be consistent across all your content. That’s where we can help.

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