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MyDoc, a telehealth provider in Singapore, wanted to bring in more traffic and brand interest to generate leads on their website. 

To help MyDoc achieve this goal, we began by writing SEO articles on the topic of health screening for their blog. As of today, our efforts have increased MyDoc’s organic keywords by 300% in four months! 

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What MyDoc does

MyDoc is a telehealth platform that aims to change the way patients receive care. 

Founded in 2012, the platform connects patients with healthcare professionals, allowing them to get the care they need anytime, anywhere. Services provided by MyDoc include health screening, virtual consultation, and chronic disease management. 

The brief

MyDoc first engaged us to write six articles over a span of three months for their blog. The aim was to bring in more traffic and conversions. 

With these six articles, we were able to acquire more brand interest for MyDoc through educating their audience on health screening, as well as introducing their health screening services. 

What we did for MyDoc

From keyword analysis all the way to publishing the content, here’s what we did to achieve a 300% increase in organic keywords in just over four months for MyDoc. 

Content audit and keyword analysis

We first looked at the telehealth market in Singapore and the various players in the field to identify MyDoc’s competitors. Once that was done, we started looking into how MyDoc was ranking on Google, especially on keywords that they wanted to rank well in. We then compared them with their competitors’ rankings. 

In this case, MyDoc wanted to focus on health screening. So based on our keyword analysis, we identified the long-tail keywords that could help MyDoc rank on Google. These keywords would also form the basis of our articles. 

Article production

There were two types of articles we did for MyDoc: 

  • Long-form: 1,300 words and above
  • Extra long-form: 2,600 words and above

These included articles on where to go for health screening in Singapore, why you should go for health screening, and what are the kinds of tests to go for based on your age. 

All of these were written with the intent to educate users on health screening, and how MyDoc’s health screening service could provide a fuss-free experience for them. 

At the same time, we ensured that the content was relevant and useful enough for readers who were looking into health screening. 

Check out some of our articles here

Infographics production

Producing content for MyDoc wasn’t just about writing long-form articles. To help engage readers better, we also crafted infographics that complemented each article. 

Infographics are good for summarising key information and helping readers to grasp the concept better, especially for complex data. Furthermore, infographics help to make the content more original and informative. 

Here’s an infographic we included in Health Screening in Singapore: What You Need to Know Before Applying, in which we categorised the various tests to do based on age. 


Infographic on the various recommended health screening tests to do based on age
This infographic simplifies the information by categorising the health screening tests to do based on your age.
Graph showing organic keywords for MyDoc in April 2020
MyDoc was ranking for less than 400 organic keywords in April 2020, when we first started producing articles for them.



Graph showing organic keywords for MyDoc in April 2020
As of August 2020, MyDoc has been ranking for over 1,500 keywords.


MyDoc’s organic keywords shot up from 355 to 1,544 within just over four months of publishing our first article. This means that we’ve helped MyDoc get over 1,000 organic keywords, translating to a 300% increase! 

Over the same period, organic search traffic tripled as well, growing from 1,300 to 3,964. 

Graph showing organic search traffic for MyDoc in April 2020
MyDoc’s monthly organic search traffic was 1,300 before we started producing articles for them.



Graph showing organic search traffic for MyDoc in August 2020
MyDoc’s monthly organic search traffic has since tripled to reach 3,964 in over four months.


Organic keywords and search traffic aside, another highlight of our efforts is that some of our articles have landed on the first page of Google’s search results. A few of them have even ranked as the top result for major keywords relating to health screening! 


Screenshot of MyDoc article ranking number one for “health screening singapore” keyword
An article we did for MyDoc is ranking number one for the “health screening singapore” keyword.



Screenshot of MyDoc article ranking number one for “executive health screening singapore” keyword
Another article we did for MyDoc is ranking number one for the “executive health screening singapore” keyword.


We’re glad to be part of MyDoc’s journey in transforming the digital healthcare industry. We’re currently doing more articles covering new topics and keywords for MyDoc, such as upper respiratory infections and mental health. 

Having helped MyDoc bring their website to a new level and acquire more brand interest for them, we’re excited about what we can bring to the table for more companies in the near future. 

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