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BCA wanted to increase awareness on their Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) Smart Hub and its offerings.

We crafted their website copy and five search-engine-friendly articles that explained the Smart Hub’s features in a clear and engaging manner. We also created two infographic pieces.

The SLEB Smart Hub portal

The SLEB Smart Hub seeks to encourage building owners to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting green technology. 

Whether it’s energy efficiency data for buildings or standardised definitions for industry terms, the one-stop portal overflows with information on green building technology.  

For example, there’s a Technology Directory that displays information on energy-efficient systems and gadgets. There’s even a Smart Advisor that recommends green retrofits, providing estimated costs and returns.  

The Brief

BCA needed article content that enlightened the Smart Hub’s users on its many features, and how they could benefit from it. 

Building owners and providers of green technology were intended to be the core users of this portal.  

What We Did

Here’s how we went about creating copy, article, and infographic content for the SLEB Smart Hub.

Tone of Voice

The first thing we did was to determine a suitable tone of voice. This was crucial in making sure our content was relatable to readers. 

As tackling climate change was the context behind the SLEB Smart Hub, we wanted the writing tone to convey a sense of importance, yet sound hospitable. Additionally, our content needed to inspire positivity about using the SLEB Smart Hub.

Following hours of research and deliberation, we decided that these three core attributes would define the tone of voice:

  1. Sense of importance
  2. Welcoming
  3. Optimistic

Once we had defined the tone of voice, it became largely a matter of keeping it consistent across all SLEB collaterals.

Website Copywriting

Keeping in mind on-page SEO, we incorporated the welcoming and optimistic tone of voice to inspire positivity in using the platform.

We also simplified jargons and kept the copywriting clear and crisp, so that new users of the platform can understand the information quickly.

SEO Articles

Writing for the layman and ensuring easy readability are the usual cornerstones of our article writing. In each article,

  1. We carefully chose images extracted from the Smart Hub to illustrate a point or simply spruce things up.
  2. We inserted predetermined SEO keywords to ensure our articles rank high on search engine listings.  

Check out some of our articles here


Our first infographic was on the Smart Advisor, a feature that BCA was keen to profile. For this piece, we communicated the tool’s key features in a simplified fashion, complementing them with vibrant colours and graphics. 

The other infographic was for a flyer, one that encouraged technology providers to share their offerings with the portal. 

Given the flyer’s dimensions, we had to ensure it contained only the most essential elements. We also went through multiple text iterations so that the copy and visuals were well-balanced.


The SLEB Smart Hub project was a fresh endeavour for us. 

In the beginning, we found ourselves in the thick of energy efficiency industry jargon and government-speak, most of which we had encountered for the first time.  

Whether it was getting familiar with Singapore’s green goals, or understanding acronyms like EUI, we immersed ourselves extensively in this new domain throughout the process. 

In the end, we managed to deliver content which we were confident would go on to engage and convert readers.

Content creation for the modern age

Rallying calls to fight climate change are, not surprisingly, getting increasingly pronounced. For us, we’re just glad to have done a humble part in helping SLEB Smart Hub share what they have to offer.   

As a content marketing agency in Singapore, we’re ever ready to take on more exciting projects to help organisations get heard.

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