How We Grew PropertyGuru Resources Blog Traffic By 114%

Content Audit

Gap Analysis

SEO Articles


We completed a Content Audit, Competitor Gap Analysis, and more than 85 SEO-Optimised articles for PropertyGuru’s Resources portal.

Within months, traffic more than doubled, while organic search keywords grew by 98%.

What PropertyGuru Does

For years, PropertyGuru.com.sg has been the market leader for property portals in Singapore. Google anything on Singapore property, and you’re likely to find PropertyGuru on the first results page. Today, more than 2 million consumers use the property search portal every year, viewing over 27 million pages on the website.

Founded in 2006, PropertyGuru is now part of the PropertyGuru Group, which also manages CommercialGuru and LoanGuru. Since then, the group has significantly expanded its reach, becoming a major property portal in both Malaysia and Indonesia as well as Singapore.


PropertyGuru first engaged us to craft content for their BTO launches page, as well as various other pages on BTO estates. At the same time, PropertyGuru was setting its sights on increasing its market share in the property portal scene.

In this day and age, a strong digital presence is vital to a strong brand presence. This was all the more pertinent for PropertyGuru, which was facing the threat of fast-rising competitors.

With the intention of enhancing their online presence, PropertyGuru decided to take things further with us through our article writing service.

The Brief

PropertyGuru tasked us with creating content for PropertyGuru Resources — a one-stop collection of online guides for property seekers. Not too long later, PropertyGuru had another request for us — they wanted to know if their content strategy was headed in the right direction, and how they could do better.

PropertyGuru requested a content audit and competitor gap analysis on PropertyGuru Resources. The intent was for the eventual findings to steer the portal’s content strategy as we moved forward. We took on this crucial responsibility while maintaining a steady pipeline of content for PropertyGuru Resources at the same time.

Seller stamp duty - Google featured snippet

One of the articles we wrote has become a Google featured snippet

What We Did

We improved PropertyGuru’s online standing through a combination of science and data mining, content auditing, competitor analysis, and SEO writing.

Content Audit & Competitor Gap Analysis

The aim for this entire exercise was to identify areas of improvement for PropertyGuru’s existing content, and discover content opportunities they could seize.

Diving in deep
The content audit’s scope encompassed all of PropertyGuru Resources’ content, from past to present. Combing through 200 content pieces, we evaluated each article on SEO-sensitive areas like structure and keyword use, and suggested ways that the content could be improved.

Learning what’s missing
When it came to performing the competitor gap analysis, identifying PropertyGuru’s competitors was the obvious first step. Trawling through extensive data tables were par for the course as we sought to establish high-ranking keyword gaps between PropertyGuru and its competitors — both direct and indirect.

Putting it all together
Armed with deep insights from hours of analysis, we presented PropertyGuru with a clear and comprehensive picture on how to best calibrate their content approach. Needless to say, these insights were also used in our content generation.

SEO Articles

An empirically-backed framework was consistently applied across all our content pieces so that PropertyGuru could garner consistent traffic.

The strategy 
Effective SEO-writing involves more than just clear writing and the insertion of keywords. Backed by learnings from the content audit and gap analysis, our broad approach was to craft useful and relevant articles on keywords with high search volumes.

Making every article count
While we had extensive lists of high volume keywords at our disposal, we needed to identify the words which PropertyGuru was not ranking well for. Furthermore, with a minimum article word count in place, we had to make sure the shortlisted keywords were feasible enough for writing long-form content.

Through this collaboration, a nimble communication process was set up with PropertyGuru to ensure a smooth content throughput. Weekly meetings were held to discuss and finalise article topics and outlines. Strategy meetings also took place on a monthly basis to review progress and identify areas of improvement.

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PropertyGuru, a distinguished brand in the property portal sphere, has been in the market for the past 13 years. This was a small problem for us, as PropertyGuru Resources had already covered most property-related content by the time we were on board.

PropertyGuru Resources had a database of more than 200 articles, covering everything from property taxes to working with a property agent. This left us with limited room to create fresh content that would not overlap with existing articles.

Through sheer persistence, out-of-the-box thinking, and the keenness to improve what PropertyGuru had, we managed to craft out content that went on to outperform our expectations.

All in all, our efforts paid off.


PropertyGuru Organic traffic saw a 114% increase

PropertyGuru Organic traffic saw a 114% increase.PropertyGuru Organic keywords rose by 98%

Organic keywords rose by 98%.

Within a matter of months, PropertyGuru Resources’ monthly traffic grew by 114%, from 5,203 to 11,156. During this duration, the sites’ organic search keywords also increased by 98%, from 2,358 to 4,664.

Working with PropertyGuru has definitely been an invaluable learning experience for us. Having propelled PropertyGuru’s web presence to a new level, we are excited about doing the same for other companies out there.


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