Zero To Almost 1K Organic Keywords In Less Than 4 Months: The Yachtly Blog

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Here's what we've achieved in 6 months


Yachtly, a leading yacht rental platform in Singapore, wanted to launch a blog to pull in even more traffic and bookings for their site.

We launched Yachtly’s blog in August 2019, creating long-form SEO blog articles for them. In less than 4 months, the blog was ranking for almost 1,000 organic keywords. Organic clicks even doubled between October and November 2019.

Here’s how we kick-started things for them, and revved up the blog’s search engine performance in a short span of time.

What Yachtly Does 

Founded in 2015, Yachtly is a platform for renting yachts. Riding on the increasingly prevalent sharing economy, Yachtly partners with yacht owners to provide yacht rental that’s fast, simple, and affordable. 


Things all began with our parent company, JIN Design, working with Yachtly to redesign their website, along with rebranding the company. 

What sets Yachtly apart from the competition is that with their Instant Booking feature, you can book a yacht in under 10 minutes. However, Yachtly needed to rank high on Google’s search results so that people could know about Yachtly’s great offerings in the first place.

With Yachtly’s plans to capture a greater market share, we were engaged to generate long-form article content that could take their SEO to another level.

The Brief

We were tasked with carrying out a competitor gap analysis for Yachtly, as well as creating long-form SEO articles for them based on the gap analysis findings. 

Our goal for Yachtly was the following:

  • Elevate their rankings for high-value keywords to the top 3 search results on Google
  • Increase their market share by doubling their organic search keywords
  • Enhance their site’s brand authority

All in all, our role was to strengthen Yachtly’s brand presence online, bolstering their reputation as a company that provides affordable yet premium experiences. 

What We Did for Yachtly

Here’s what we did to create a successful blog for Yachtly — from competitor gap analysis, all the way to publishing and updating content.

Checking out the competition 

The first thing we did was embark on a competitor gap analysis. The aim was to find out what search terms Yachtly’s competitors were ranking well for, which Yachtly had not covered or was not doing well in.

Crafting a content strategy and content guidelines

Armed with the gap analysis findings, we went on to build a content strategy for Yachtly. This largely consisted of:

  • Determining what high-value keywords should be prioritised
  • Scoping out the article topics for these keywords

We also created detailed content and SEO guidelines for the articles, encompassing areas like article structure, as well as the use of keywords and links. 

Creating the content 

The blog articles we created fell into two categories:

  • Extra long-form, at 2,500 words and above 
  • Long-form, at 1,300 words and above

From writing about why you should get hitched on a yacht, to why you should charter a yacht for a company retreat, we crafted content with the intent to:

  • Strengthen Yachtly’s reputation and foster greater trust
  • Bring more traffic to Yachtly’s site
  • Drive greater on-site conversions

We also collaborated closely with The Visual Team, our sister company specialising in visuals, to create captivating infographics that complemented each blog article. 

Optimising the content for better results

With Yachtly, our job didn’t just stop at clicking ‘Publish’. We continued to monitor traffic data for each article, adjusting our approach for each new article, while optimising published ones with new information. 

Check out some of our articles here

Challenges We Faced

These are some of the key challenges we encountered along the way:

  • With each article relatively long, it had to be engaging enough to sustain attention and not feel like a tedious read. Also, the content shouldn’t come off as repetitive across articles.
  • Article titles had to be catchy and compel readers to check out the content, while not being ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’. 

With an intent to deliver unique and interesting content pieces that really add value, we managed to overcome these challenges:

  • We kept our writing as relatable and lively as possible, maximising the use of headers to help readers navigate each article and make it appear less overwhelming.
  • We used novel approaches such as inserting FAQs in the articles, and guided steps on how to use Yachtly’s platform. This had the added value of ensuring the articles were helpful to readers.
  • Our article titles were angled such that they were direct and compelling, yet not forceful. 

The Results

We’ve published over 10 articles for Yachtly till date, in less than 4 months. Today, Yachtly is ranking for more than 1,000 keywords, from zero just 4 months ago when the blog didn’t exist.

We’re glad that our efforts for Yachtly have been paying off. We’re honoured to be part of Yachtly’s ongoing journey to sail into new and greater territory.

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