From the financial sector to the retail line of work, there isn’t an industry that can’t benefit from digital marketing. While the digital marketing space is in dire need of trained digital marketers, the lack of supply also means that this is the perfect time for freelancers and professionals to upskill and remain competitive. If the sector’s pay raises, career flexibility, bigger budgets, and career prospects sound appealing to you, consider going for a digital marketing course in Singapore. 

In this article, we compile some of the digital marketing courses of varying complexity to take in Singapore, regardless of your expertise. 

Digital marketing courses in Singapore

Much to our luck, there are a substantial number of local and international market leaders who offer digital marketing courses in Singapore. 

Apart from the invaluable knowledge that you can learn from these courses, having digital marketing certifications from reputable institutions can also help boost your portfolio. Here are the few digital marketing courses worth taking a look into.

Intro to Digital Marketing by Smartacademy 

Smartacademy’s introductory digital marketing course is an excellent preface to digital marketing. Not only is it for those without any prior experience, you can also get high funding support for it. 

The course also has a low commitment period, with only seven three-hour lessons. Despite being short, it’s a pretty comprehensive course that covers a vast range of topics including the following: 

  • Data-driven marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid search marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer relationship management

In addition, the course consists of three hours of assignments and a capstone project, so you’ll have plenty to put into your portfolio after. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

Smartacademy’s “Intro to Digital Marketing” course costs $2,500 before funding support. 

While it’s pretty expensive, eligible Singaporeans and PRs can apply for up to 90% funding support for the course. And if you’re a student, full-time NSF, or have just ORD-ed, you can enjoy up to 100% of funding support. 

Fundamentals of digital marketing by Google Digital Garage

This course is all about mastering the basics of digital marketing. 

Accredited by the Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University, it comprises 26 modules for you to get familiar with digital marketing. All modules take about 40 hours of self-paced learning to finish. 

Despite being a self-paced course, there are no compromises on quality. The course is chock full of practical scenarios and video tutorials. Upon the completion of 26 modules, you’ll have to take a final exam to receive your certification, which you can share on your Linkedin profile. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

There is no eligibility requirement for this basic digital marketing course, so it’s suitable for beginners. To add to all that goodness, this course is completely free! 

Google Analytics courses in Singapore

Data has revolutionised the way that marketers and strategists plan their campaigns. Besides learning the basics of digital marketing, you’ll also need to be familiar with Google Analytics. 

Analytics Academy Courses by Google

Google’s Analytics Academy provides courses of varying levels of difficulty for marketers, from basic to advanced. 

Their beginner course will teach you basic things like how to analyse behaviour reports and track your campaigns, while the advanced course will touch on more complex analysis. The number of units and duration vary according to the course chosen. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

There are no stringent requirements to sign up for these courses. However, you should take a course based on your proficiency. You should only register for the “Advanced Google Analytics” course if you’ve used Google Analytics before. 

What’s more, these courses are free. Upon registration, you’ll get a Google Analytics demo to start experimenting with. 

For a simple run-through of Google Analytics, you can check out the Analytics mini-courses on YouTube

The WSQ Digital Marketing Analytics Course by Equinet Academy

A woman taking a digital marketing course in Singapore
Some of these digital marketing courses are online.

Certified by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications, this is another Google Analytics course to take in Singapore. 

Through this course, you can get a beginners’ certification for Google Analytics, as well as plenty of data-driven insights about marketing. 

It’s also one of the six core module courses that you can take to get a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist qualification from Equinet.  

The course has two main learning modes; namely face-to-face classroom learning and online learning. If you pick the classroom option, you’ll be provided with a Windows laptop for the duration of the course, which will be spread over two days. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

While there are no specific eligibility criteria, the course is recommended for people who already have a grasp of marketing. 

If you’re a marketing manager, executive, or a small business owner, the course will teach you how to adopt a data-first approach. 

The course costs $798 ($888 from 1 January 2021 onwards) before subsidies. If you’re eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy or Enhanced Training Support for SMEs scheme, it can cost you as little as $79.80. Furthermore, you can offset it further with your SkillsFuture Credit. 

Social media marketing courses in Singapore

A bulk of digital marketing is done on social media. This is because social media is one of the easiest ways for brands to connect and maintain customer engagement. In fact, having a social media profile like a Facebook page for your business is essential these days. 

If you’re new to marketing on social media, consider signing up for one of these digital marketing courses in Singapore. 

Digital Marketing — Social Media Marketing by SMU

This short course is conducted over two weekday evenings and one Saturday. The course is about marketing as we traditionally know it, focusing on the process of converting customers from the awareness stage to a predetermined objective stage through social media. 

In a nutshell, the course teaches you how to use several social media tools for your campaigns.

Eligibility criteria and course price

The course is suitable for beginners, and is recommended for everyone who’s interested in increasing conversions. This includes entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, corporate communications professionals, content strategists, social media specialists, and advertising copywriters. 

Do note that the course price differs based on your age, nationality, and employment status. Here are the course fees excluding subsidies: 

  • Singaporeans aged 40 and above: $193.60
  • Singaporeans below 40: $513.60

As a Singaporean or PR, you can get a subsidised rate. If you have SkillsFuture Credit, you can also use it to defray the cost. 

Foreigners, on the other hand, will have to fork out the full course fee of $1,712. 

Social Media Marketing by NP

A beginners’ course that lasts only two days, this digital marketing course in Singapore aims to equip people with a combination of marketing strategies and social media skills, tailored towards organisational needs. 

Eligibility criteria and course fees

This course requires applicants to have basic computer skills, such as browsing the internet and saving files. 

Here are the course fees: 

Course fees
Singaporeans and PRs$134.82
SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy or Enhanced Training Support for SMEs$50.82
Full fee$449.40

Social Media Marketing by Udemy

This course is termed as a “content marketing masterclass”, with a syllabus that’s taught over 20.5 hours of on-demand video with full lifetime access. You can also access the materials on mobile and TV, allowing you to access the course as and when you feel like it. 

A wide range of digital marketing topics are covered, with blogs, podcasts, video, and Google Local SEO all demarcated as key areas of learning. At the end of it, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

The requirement for this course is a basic grasp on how to set up a social media account. Apart from that, just about anyone is welcome to join the course. 

And with the availability of lifetime access to resources, you can take as long as you need to finish the course. 

The course fee is $198.98, which you can use your SkillsFuture Credit to pay. 

Learn more about what SEO is here. 

Facebook marketing courses by Facebook Blueprint

Screenshot of Facebook Blueprint, which provides digital marketing courses you can take in Singapore
Courses provided by Facebook are free.

Adding to the list of social media and search engine giants that allow users to upskill for free, Facebook Blueprint has more than 50 courses available online. 

Giving you the opportunity to learn about social media straight from the horse’s mouth, the courses range from learning how to use Facebook for business, to more intermediate disciplines such as on how the collection ad format works. 

While it may be harder for marketers to convince businesses to explore new platforms for marketing, most businesses these days have a Facebook page. Knowing your way around Facebook’s creative toolkit and being able to utilise it for your digital marketing will surely come in handy. 

Learning takes place online, through articles and other interactive content that you can use. Modules are as short as 20 minutes long, and end with a questionnaire to test your knowledge. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

The courses on Facebook Blueprint don’t have any eligibility requirements. The only thing you need is a Facebook account. 

Upon logging into your Facebook account, you’ll be able to start on any of the selected courses immediately. Plus, they’re all free! 

Content marketing courses in Singapore

Knowing how to use social media and Google Analytics isn’t enough to get your digital marketing campaign going. You’ll also need to ensure that the content you’re producing resonates well with your audience. 

Going for content marketing courses can help you kickstart a more cohesive marketing strategy that utilises content. 

Content Marketing for Beginners by General Assembly

In this course, you’ll learn how and why you should create content for your brand. The course also covers a three-step strategy to content marketing: 

  • What type of content your brand should be creating
  • How you should engage with your customers and readers 
  • How to plan your content

Eligibility criteria and course price

Though it’s not a requirement, it’d be helpful if you have some prior marketing knowledge. 

While there are no cost details on the course webpage, you can stay up to date on it by signing up for their email update. 

Another thing to note about content marketing is that you’ll need to be updated about the latest Google updates. Here’s a summary of the updates you should know. 

Content Marketing by SUSS

One of the longer courses on this list, this part-time course is for those who are willing to commit six months of their time to learning the art of content marketing. 

The course is run by the university’s School of Business, and provides a holistic rundown on content marketing strategies with a hands-on seminar-style format. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

This is one of their Modular Graduate Courses, so you’ll need to have an undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification for it. 

The course fee is $1,110 for the next available intake in January 2021, with details on funding to be confirmed. 

Digital Marketing — Content Creation for Marketing by NTU

This course provides a targeted rundown on how exactly to develop content for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) contexts. You’ll also get to learn other aspects of content marketing, such as the best practices on blog writing and measuring of ROI. 

It will take place over two days, from 21 to 22 December 2020 on NTU’s Virtual Digital Environment. 

Eligibility criteria and course price

This is another digital marketing course in Singapore that has a specific eligibility requirement. 

If you’re looking to enrol, you’ll need one of the following: 

  • GCE ‘O’ level with minimum two years relevant working experience 
  • GCE ‘A’ Level or polytechnic diploma 
  • NITEC in any specialisation with three years working experience

International students will need an IELTS language proficiency level of 5.0.

The standard course fee is $1,498. But if you’re under the Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy or Enhanced Training Support for SMEs scheme, you’ll only need to pay $169.40 for the course. 

Eligible Singapore Citizens and PRs can also get up to 70% off the course fees. What’s more, this is another course where you can use your SkillsFuture Credit. 

Learn how outlines can help with your writing here. 

Digital marketing courses in Singapore: An overview

Before we go, here’s a quick table to help you compare the essential elements of the courses we just delved into!

Digital marketing courses

Intro to Digital Marketing by Smartacademy21 hoursSuitable for beginners$2,500

Singaporeans and PRs can apply for up to 90% funding support

Singaporean students, full-time NSFs, or recently ORD-ed individuals can apply for up to 100% funding support
Fundamentals of digital marketing by Google Digital GarageAbout 40 hoursSuitable for beginnersFree

Google Analytics courses

Analytics Academy courses by GoogleVaries depending on the courseKnowledgeable enough to undertake the course of your chosen proficiencyFree 
WSQ Digital Marketing Analytics by Equinet Academy16 hoursRecommended for people who already have a grasp of marketing$798 ($888 from 1 January 2021 onwards)

$79.80 after 90% SkillsFuture funding

Social media marketing courses

Digital Marketing — Social Media Marketing by SMUTwo weekday evenings, and one SaturdaySuitable for beginners$1,712

Singaporeans above 40: $193.60

Singaporeans below 40: $513.60

Costs can be further defrayed with SkillsFuture Credit
Social Media Marketing by NPTwo daysBasic computer skills, including browsing the internet $449.40 

Singaporeans and PRs: $134.82 

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs or SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy: $50.82
Social Media Marketing with Udemy20.5 hours via on-demand videoBasic grasp on how to set up a social media account$198.98

Claimable with SkillsFuture Credit 
Facebook marketing courses with Facebook BlueprintVariedHave a Facebook account

Suitable for beginners

Content marketing courses

Content Marketing for Beginners by General AssemblyTo be confirmedSome knowledge of marketing is helpful, but not requiredTo be confirmed
Content Marketing by SUSSSix months: January 2021 to June 2021Undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification$1,100
Digital Marketing — Content Creation for Marketing at NTUTwo days, 21 to 22 December 2020GCE ‘O’ level with minimum two years relevant working experience

GCE ‘A’ Level or polytechnic diploma

NITEC in any specialisation with three years working experience

IELTS language proficiency level of 5.0

Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy or Enhanced Training Support for SMEs: $169.40

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